Have you ever? #46  

MrNotrouble 56M
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5/29/2006 9:16 am
Have you ever? #46

I imagine on a site like this there must have been many, many "have you ever done"? kinda questions..most probably related to sex...but maybe a few that were not...well...this is one of those "not" purely sex related "have you ever?" Questions...

Well ladies...Have you ever looked at a guy, and saw he was w/ a woman..and said to yourself..."man..they just don't look like they go together."

Well from a guys standpoint I can tell you that most of us guys have said that same thing, oh...100..or perhaps 10,000 or so times....It's just one of those things we (as guys) wonder about..."how can a woman like that..see something in a guy like that?"

Sadly now I see that is my own soon to be ex-wife...And that is not a comfortable way to see things...You want to feel that mutual attractiveness that attracted you in the 1st place...(many many years ago)...It's a feeling that makes each day fun to get up for and the chance to be w/ that person a reason to go out and tackle the day..knowing that when you finish, there is something inviting to come home to.

Now before you immediately chastise me as a superficial solely hormone driven bas@#$%, remember...I've said all along I'm looking for someone EQUALLY attractive, not some cyber women who only exists in magazines and pay for view web pages. I'm looking for that real women...Just one that physically attracts me so I can feel HAPPY to be w/ her, to want to pamper her..and feel equal, physically, emotionally, sexually..they all fit together.

Well...I'm finished w/ todays little "superficial glimpse of me"...I make no bones about it, this is a advertisement for me. One thing I always could, and can do(at least I think) is write. I do it in my Profession, and I feel it is a bit of a release here...let someone see a bit more about me, so they might realize that this guy might be worth connecting w/ on some level... Like this Blog all began, my life is at the crossroads, I'm looking to take the next road..and see where that takes me.

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