Let start with who I am for now shall we.  

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6/23/2005 2:18 am

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Let start with who I am for now shall we.

I have an IQ of over 100, and Find My Intellectual Type to be that of an Insightful Linguist. Meaning I am highly intelligent, and have the natural fluency of a writer, the visual, and spatial strengths of an artist. These skills contribute to my creative, and expressive mind, and that's just some of what I have come to understand about myself
I guess you can consider me an Idealistic Romantic
The rituals of romance are important to me. And for that reason, if the object of my affections doesn't appreciate the value of things like red roses and candlelight dinners,its likely they will not hold my interest for very long. I Am not just looking for a thoughtful date who appreciates romantic gestures. I seek a deeper emotional bond as well. I guess you can consider me an Idealistic Romantic.

Love does change us. Whether it simply enhances who we already are, or makes us a completely different person, finding someone whose love personality compliments our own makes for the longest, happiest relationships, would'nt you agree.

I love many things in life. My children, Along with having a passion for writing, and an addiction to creativity.
I live in the most breath taking part of Canada...I feel anyway.
I dabble in clay,wood, the pen, and am a Chef of seventeen years.. Far out eh..?
Thats what I thought when I looked back on it all too... And to think,
HeeHeeHee, Im not gay, how bout that eh?... love women..always have, just looking for a feel good feeling like everyone else in this world.
Force ourselves into mysery, and then wollow in it. Always forgetting why
we looked deeper in the first place.
One day we should all be so lucky and perhaps get it right.
And when you figure it out lol look me up. Would love to meet ya

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