Chicken Soup  

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2/19/2006 10:11 am

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Chicken Soup

I continued to work with this woman, and she was feeling guilty about what happened. It seems her husband ignored her and she was busy raising two young children.

I would catch her staring at me at work in a daydream, then she would turn away, shake her head and look guilt ridden.

The memory of the gentle pain she inflicted on my nipple and tongue stayed with me for a very long time and it aroused me constantly.

One day I had to leave work early with the worse flu I ever remember having. I was home for several days and she called me from work to see if I was ok.

That evening she showed up at my apartment with some chicken soup and we sat in the living room visiting. She was wearing a cowl neck sweater and some rather snug fitting brushed cotton jeans. Without a word she stood up, removed her sweater exposing lovely 34C breasts with wonderful erect nipples. She walked to me and straddled my thigh and began kssing me.

Her kisses were incredible! It as as if she were cuking the emotions through my mouth and filling me with her passion. I played with her breasts and pinched her nipples which really turned her on, as she rubbed her crotch against my thigh, sliding back and forth.

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