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It's about time..........................
(This felt like some forum type shit)

Me Thinks the name is "The Nut Felt across the World" By Mr.Grim Face

The day started off just like any other day for me, I get up and shower, brush my teeth and go to work. The day was a Monday, nothing special about it, after work a had class, after class a had poker game, typical Monday for me. The only thing about this day was the new waitress.... The first time I seen that girl was after a drunk night at a club, Ya know, the kind of night where Slow Winding and Hard Grinding lead to leaving the place at 12:30 and going to the hotel, then the words "Thanks for the good time" and the infamous "I'll call you". It's not like we departed on bad terms or anything, we both understood what happened that night and it was good, DAMN GOOD.
I gets my chilled HENN and continue to play poker. The end of the night rolls around, then we speak, no time for reflection just business. She gives her number to me and says "HI, 1/2Hour, OK?". I says "45" cause I'm in the middle of the game and I'm about to win, plus she likes when I tell her things to do.

OK now for the good stuff. We hook up after I lose the game(other stuff on my mind)and get a box of Golden Tickets, the damn store ran out of Black&Whites. I call her at 2:30 or so give her directions to my place and when she got here........ Damn just like I remembered. 36,24,38 5'7, but with a new tongue ring. I asked her if she knew how to use that, she did, the closes I've ever got to being deep-throated, she tried so hard. The it was my turn, I put her on her back and then proceeded to Eat Her Out like my life was on the line. I take pride in what I do, and I like it. I made her CUM three times off the head alone. Damn she tasted good,I can't think of to many things better than putting your tongue into some Soft Wet Pretty Pussy and just letting her juices cover my mouth and tongue all while hearing all the sounds that she makes...............

That woman had me feeling like a old, first she wanted to feel me in her with her on top, she can ride a dick so damn Good, the she wanted all of me in her. So I get on top and proceed to drill her like I was look for some oil. After we fell off the futon we found ourselves against the wall in my hallway, she had feet on one and her back against the other with me holding her up by that perfect ass of hers. She came on me(and my legs) two more times then five minutes of thrusting we both came.

By the time we got done almost an hour went by, so we got in the shower to try to get some of the sweat off, and thats when she said those lovely words "May I give you head again". Now I not sure how many people would say no to a question like that. Now I'm not quite sure if it was because I just got done busting one, or if she was just that damn good, cause I was done in about 7Min's(I know the time because of the song I was playing MOMENTS IN LOVE with the piano intro) and I don't think I've busted a nut like that in years. It's was so good that the next day my bothers call me up and told me they felt the POWER last night.

P.S. The funniest thing is that the club where we met was in DETROIT, and I saw her again in Ypsi

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good shit!!!

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