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Let's start things off with a bang. New year eve party was fun(a lot of fun) I threw a little party, you know people only come thru if they knew the rules.
#1 What happens here, stays here(if you want it to)
#2 Dress code: Boxers and Bathrobe or beaters
#4 You break something, I break something on you
#5 Stay out of my bedroom(without a invite)
#6 Don't drink all my Drank
#7 Have Fun

Now, according to my rules, 10 people showed up. 7 Females and 3 Guys, Great numbers if you ask me. The best thing about it everybody remembered my rules, there was barely any clothes worn, just boxers and robes, beautiful silk and see thru satin robes. It hard for me to dicide what to do first, Drink up or start the FUN. The only semi-bad was that I didn't know 3 of the girls, they were friends of the girls I invited, so I didn't know if they would hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.

Before midnight it just fun and drinking and talking and shit like that.

After the ball dropped is when the Real party began, the first we did was play uno for shots( side note I make my own drinks they don't get you fucked up, they get you nice'n'loose) and let me just say that the drinks did there job, it was a hell of a way to bring in the new year. The game lasted about 30mins. The more shots they took the warmer they got, the warmer they got the more they stripped. Buy the time the game was over with we where just in our robes and not a damn thing on underneath. Then the touching began, all the ladies started doing what they do, putting on a bad strip tease for the fellas. 4 of us 7 seven of them, I couldn't have wished for a better ratio, the strip tease lead to them stripping for real then it lead to two 3somes in the bedrooms, and one orgy in my front room. After round one was over with we started the trading of partners and rooms, I stayed in my bedroom of course. We didn't stop the fun till about 5 in the morning, we didn't go to sleep till 6, woke up at 5pm hade a quickie then everyone left. And here I am telling all and remembering just how much fun that shit was.

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