The Game Continues  

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8/24/2005 11:49 am

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The Game Continues

For 10 years now I have been working on an airplane game. Well I haven't been working on it the whole time. I first came up with the idea over 10 years ago and created a couple prototypes of the game. My friends and I tested it but there were some flaws that I didn't know what to do about.

Then a couple months ago an idea came to me and I made a small rules change to the game that made it much better. Since then my friends and I have been getting together on Wednesday nights to test the game.

Each week we find small changes that make the game a little better. Last week the game was fun and exciting and it was a very close game even though we each played a completely different strategies.

I made a few more small adjustments to the game and added a new event card. Tonight should be the final test before I begin production of the game (if all goes well). This weekend is my sisters wedding and it's also the weekend for the gaming convention Strategicon in Los Angeles. If the game works well today, I may have to bring it up to the convention on Sunday to see what other hardcore gamers think about it and to test it with the max number of players.

Anyone out there into Gaming? Anyone going to Strategicon this weekend? Let me know.

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