The Arena  

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The Arena

It was one of those nights in which you want to be inside your home
all bundled up with a blanket and cup of hot cocoa. A dark and
gloomy night with a light drizzle just enough to be annoying. It
was the perfect night to have a cell phone with no signal and car
trouble, right? Luckily for Ann on the dark street there was a dim
streetlight. As she approached the light, she felt chills up and
down her spine. Maybe she was slightly scared or maybe it was just
the cold rain. There was slight reassurance when she saw several
cars parked in front of a small plain building. Of course it would
seem odd to find cars in front of abandoned building at this time of
night, but just maybe she was having some good luck for once. Once
she got over nervousness she approached the door…

Knock, knock…

No answer, maybe this was a bad idea she thought. For sure someone
had to be in there so she knocked again. This time a panel slide
back and pair of mysterious eyes peered down on her.

"I'm having car trouble and I really need to use a phone, can you

A small light bulb hanging from the ceiling illuminated the small
room. An imposing figure emerged from the darkness. The guy must
have been about 6'4" with a strong athletic build, a very
magnificent figure indeed.

His deep voiced pierced her ear drums, "I'm Damien"

"Well, Mr. Damien I need to use a phone. I'm stranded and my car

"Follow Me," he commanded before she could even finish the sentence.

Ann was lead to a dark stairway again lit by a single light bulb
guided by the mysterious stranger's voice "Downstairs and watch your
step." Of course her better judgment to her to turn around a leave,
but something told her to venture into the unknown darkness. As she
stepped down and slowly navigated the stairway, she her voices of
people, male and female, which somewhat eased her nervousness. As
she reached the bottom, she was met by a curtain.

"Don't worry, go ahead…"

She pulled back the curtain and was surprised to find what seemed to
be a small club. There were tables set up surrounding a small
middle, dance floor. The floor was not made of wood or a hard
surface; it looked very plush and soft. As she was examining the
scene she felt a pair of strong hand grab her waist from behind it
was Damien again.

"So where's the phone I…"

"Shhh… we will get to that, right now you're just in time for the

A shapely ebony female, scantly clad wearing only a short leather
skirt, slow walked to the center of the room. If that wasn't
shocking enough, she was leading a collared blond female who was
both handcuffed and blindfolded.

Visibly shaken, Ann muttered, "I think I should leave…" but as she
spoke Damien gripped tighten.

"Trust me you will enjoy it…"

The blond was un-collared and un-cuffed, but remained blindfolded
while standing nude for all to see. Meanwhile her ebony mistress
hands slowly caressed and touch every curve of her body. She licked
and caressed her nipples, which stood out like ripe pink berries
while her hand ventured inside her thighs. The room was quiet; Ann
was amazed how everyone's attention was on the two females.
Forcefully the blond was pushed to ground, landing on her hands and
knees. Another a female emerged with tray various objects.

"Are those what I think they are," Ann gasped

Damien's only reply was a mischievous chuckled. Among the toys were
an 18-inch black doubled head dildo and various other objects. One
of which being small whip in which the ebony lady used to light
glide over the blonde's pale white ass every now and again giving
her a good slap. Meanwhile the brunette who brought in the tray
full of toys grabbed a small probed and proceed to make it disappear
into her mouth which good a small cheer from the crowd. Now
everyone was getting into it, it was almost like a sporting event
as `fans' cheered on the sexy vixens. The ebony one then spread the
blonde's now rosy cheeks as the brunette slowly teased her rose bud
with the small probe before slipping lubed tip into her waiting
asshole. The blonde shrieked in pleasure as the brunette pushed the
probe all the way in stretching her dark tunnel.

This too much, I, I, I,…


The brunette and curvaceous black woman began to caress and fondle
each others bodies as the blonde remained on all fours blindfolded
with the anal probe still intact. Four men emerged from the shadows
each wearing robes. As the men approached the blond they dropped
their ropes displaying their magnificent members. Ann gasped; they
all must have been at least 8 or 9 inches long. They stood blonde up
on her knees; taking turns rammed their enormous erections in to her
waiting and willing mouth. The men, three black and one white
rubbed and slapped their dicks across her face as the crowd cheered
on the explicit and lewd showing. One guy laid on his back as the
other three lifted the petite blonde and eased her down on his long
hard dick. The blonde furiously rode his large cock while sucking
another and stroking off the other two men. Ann could feel her self
getting aroused, never in her wildest wet dreams could show picture
such a scene. The sex, the fans, it was all too much. As much as
she wanted to leave part her wanted to see what would happen next.
As the men took their turns with the blonde, the ebony woman and
brunette enjoyed the large doubled headed dildo grinding and
gyrating their hips in perfect unison. Meanwhile the white
individual slight the probe out of the blonde's asshole and replaced
with his long member. Her moans of ecstasy were muffled as all
three of her holes where being filled at once. There was a short
pause in the action as she was lifted up again. This time she was
placed in the arms of one of the men standing as she rode his cock
in an upright position. Another one of the gentlemen penetrated her
gaping ass hole as they sandwiched her. Both men rhythmically
pounded her carnal openings while keeping her lifted in the air.

Through all of the commotion, Ann never noticed that Damien had
released her from his tight grip. She didn't notice it until she
saw his beautiful caramel figure on stage. The black woman and
brunette slowly unbuttoned his shirt displaying is ripped muscular
physique. Slowly they continued disrobing him. Ann's jaw must have
hit the floor when they released his swollen beast from his pants.
It was the biggest penis she had ever seen, at least a foot long.
She could fell her juices flowing her lace panties completely
drenched. As Damien approached the blonde the men backed away. He
positioned her on here knees and proceeded to push his monster into
her wet love channel. As the woman shrieked and moans, Ann wondered
if it was the pleasure, pain, or mixture of both. He pulled his
huge dick out, saturated with her juiced, and placed it between the
blonde cheeks slowly pushing into her ass. She could only take
half off it. Damien is his member in and out her slowly making eye
contact with Ann. Pausing for a minute he pointed towards her and
all the eyes in the rooms shifted to Ann.

He motioned with one finger for her to come join him, "Come…"

At this point Ann was so overwhelmed with the situation that she ran
to the curtain and up the stairs. She couldn't have gotten out
there faster. As she ran to her car the door was already open and
much to her surprised her car cranked right up. As she sped she
noticed a small car on the passenger seat. It had an address on
one side and on the other…

"The Arena"

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SeaMist66 50F

12/19/2007 11:15 pm

That was totally off the damn chain dude...its so late here and I was going to bed,but something made me come here,and WOW am I ever glad I did....thats some HOT RAW MIND STIMULATION and I think I shall have my way with myself and think about that Damien and The Arena

Oh My Lawd!!!

You are good



SeaMist66 50F

1/1/2008 11:35 am

Man I read this again and got the same effect

Thats got to be the best damn post ive read in months


Slowrollin48 58F

1/3/2008 4:16 pm

Baby, this shit is off da HOOK! I've never been into the bondage scene...but DAYUM...I was spell-bound while reading that...

Butter my butt and call me a bisquit!

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