Burn Hollywood Burn  

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10/3/2005 4:55 pm

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Burn Hollywood Burn

I'm sick of the evening news being filled with endless dribble ejaculating out of Hollywood and into my home. I don't care about your home just mine. I'm tired of the deluge of nonsense being made to be so important. I don't care who Ben fucks now. Nor do I care what designer drug Lindsey Lohan will be doing next week. I'm not concerned with paparrazzi chasing these morons around town. I don't wanna hear one more fucking word about Hollywood. Why? Lemme tell ya.

For starters, the very fact that the percentage of movies worth seen is so small it makes the intrest rate look gigantic. How is it that a movie with a big name star and gillions of dollars and special effects lasts one weekend in the theatre. Does this indicate that the studio's are making hand over fist duckets so they don't care about quality? Or does it indicate we don't care about quality? Since our consumer market is driven by preteens, is that a hint that our future generations are dumber than rocks or just willing to spend money where ever "Hollywood" tells them to. It worries me that our economy is basing future products and services on the wants and needs of an 11 yr old. So next time the blockbuster of the hour comes out, we can all just assume it's gonna suck-unless your a vapid mindless easily entertained 11 yr old.

Since we established movies and tv suck anymore,why do we hold these golden cows up so high. Do they warrant it? Why do adults care about these wierd folks and whom they may be swapping fluids with? Is it because they have been programmed to thrive on mindless trivial things such as "why did Oprah wear that blue scarf" or "whether or not it's good for Tom Cruise career to jump up and down on the couch of a talk show professing his love for someone". Shouldn't we be concerned with the "morons" that our running the country not our tv. Maybe thats just me, but I feel my concern would serve me better thinking about the real issues such as the healthcare situation or our leaders blowing up other countries so Daddy's oil company rolls in dough at our expense. Think about that next time you load your "want" mongers up in the UberSUV (that just cost $85 to fill) to drop them off at the $50 must see event of the hour.

Let's review. Hollywood produces the most costly garbage that we are more than willing to go broke for. We seem to be mesmerized by this garbage so much we need to bathe in it daily. This garbage and it's residual smell seem to occupy our lives as if it were a large pile of smelly garbage. Why? Because they say so. They tell you in the paper. They tell you on the tv. They print it everywhere. It's so overwhelming that now Britney Spears is "so last decade" even though 5 years ago if she had flashed her tits and told us to vote for Carrothead for President we would have a different leader today. We also would be better off. Ironic in so may ways-LOL. So why is it we care or listen?

My point is SOMEONE is sitting somewhere in a conference room making $125k is making a suggestion like " let's market the next 12 yr old girl like a stripper and sell her to our elementary school kids whom in return will nag endlessly for their parents to buy anything and everything with (insert fad star's name here)on it. We can then provide endless media coverage ,no matter how mundane, to make sure our new star milks the parents dry enough to not notice that CNN has become "E"NN. Even a dog will eat dirt if it's Pavlov'ed into him. How can we as a country stand idley by while some metrosexual genderless individual tells us the importance of wearing the right jeans. If this was 1955 "it" would be hog-tied and asswhooped until "it" understands that they are just jeans. Wake up America! We need to care about real issues not reality shows. If we allow our information supply to provide us with just sugar and no fiber we will soon go into diabetic shock and hallucinate Arnold Schwartzenegger would make a good Governor.

I don't even care if this makes sense or even comes to a good point. Just wake the hell up people.

nietchze 43M

10/4/2005 11:30 am

Fucking-A right dude.....fuck em. Fuck em right in the neck.

JustSayHi2006 56F

10/11/2005 3:17 pm

Can I still watch Jeopardy?

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