Size Obviously Matters  

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9/20/2005 10:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Size Obviously Matters

If size DIDN'T matter why would women be so inclined to get boob jobs or prominently display their breasts in pictures on their profiles?

OK you say - but they only do that because men like large breasts.

But men too like to show off their sexual equipment especially if they've got larger than average cocks...and I have to admit that within reason cocks that large do get my attention. (If they are monster cocks I sort of feel that they are somewhat freakish...exactly the way I feel about huge tits.)

So I think it's disengenuous to claim that size doesn't matter...that is only true to a degree.

Because average and even smaller cocks can still be attractive - and in some cases prefered by women who don't want to be stretched beyond comfort. (Which is good for me since I'm in the 6 inch club.)

And I have met MANY smaller breasted women whose breasts are gorgeous just the way they are and in proportion to their figure.

Beyond that, skill as a lover does factor into the equation. But for sheer visual and dramatic effect it is obvious that SIZE DOES MATTER.

Both sexes exhibit some form of those preferences evidenced by the way they behave.

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