Not Just Like Me...  

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9/23/2005 12:36 pm

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Not Just Like Me...

I think we all measure the world by our own experiences and by our own insightfulness.

And while I don't speak for all males, by any means, I think that most males THINK that women share a strong desire for sex. I know that in my younger years I dreamed of finding a woman who had all the kinky fantasies that I did and who would help me fulfill them.

But as I've grown older, I see that women have a different agenda - in fact, a completely different outlook on sex. There is a certain "derivative" nature to female sexuality.
It's not exactly a "put on" for male benefit, but it is an instrument for male manipulation.

In many respects men are much simpler to figure out: MOST MEN WANT SEX!

The psychology of women is much more indirect. I think women mainly want to know they are they can exert that power over men.
Getting men to do things for women is a major goal of women's psychology and sexuality.

And that's why men find women so hard to figure out. Unlike men, women DON'T want just sex. Women want to use their desirability to get men to do things for them: be fathers to their children; work to support the family; provide a good living and lifestyle for her; provide status and money...and maybe somewhere along the line provide romance and good sex.

But women's agenda is definitely more than just getting laid - even getting laid by someone who is good at it.

I think even women often get confused about this...and why women are often hard for themselves to figure out.

In any event, women are not like men.

My youthful fantasy of women with a male sex drive is much more fantasy than reality.

My own desires aside, women are not "just like me".

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