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10/5/2005 11:57 am

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I find a lot of profiles of very attractive women in their 20's with photos that are either professionally done or very close to it.

Almost always, our "compatability rating" is 85% or higher. Almost always, my age (upper 40's) is the one area of divergence.

The most obvious reason I have had no luck contacting these women is that they don't want to fuck someone as old as I am. OK...if I couldn't deal with rejection it would be foolish in the extreme to be posting a profile on this site.

However, I can't help having the feeling that a lot of these 20-something profiles are ringers - phony in one respect or another.

This is clearly the case for a few 20-something female ads: when I've gotten a response they have directed me to other sites - sometimes pay sites. So, basically, they are "trawling" for sexually aroused guys on AdultFriendFinder to generate traffic and revenue on another Web site.

And the photos seem "too good" - the quality is just a bit too high for amateurs. There is usually only one photo and the writing of the profile is not only somewhat repetitive with similar profiles, but the spelling and grammer are usually very good.

"Who's ZOOMING who???"

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