Touch me, feel me...  

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8/3/2006 5:04 pm
Touch me, feel me...

Received a day at the spa for a Xmas present and used it today. I have been lotioned and rubbed all over and feel wonderful. After having a full body massage that lasted an hour and was wonderful, I received a facial that warmed me in spots that I didn't expect. (I never knew that my ears were so sensitive.) I then had my first pedicure, which meant that my feet were massaged for the third time today. IT WAS GREAT! Then I received a lunch of roadsidia (salad) and fruit with water. I ended the day with a manicure, which had my hands getting their third massage. Life was pretty good today.

What a wonderful way of staying out of the heat. It was 106 when I walked to my car. I am feeling soft, silky, and want to be touched. Somebody is going to get lucky!!!

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