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8/8/2006 8:40 pm

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Meetings. Meetings. Meetings. How can anyone possibly ever get anything done without a meeting. I guess if you are trying to do something that involves two or more people there has to be a meeting.

I like the word meeting. I love meeting new people, discovering their thoughts, opinions, and desires. I am always anxious when I know that I will be entering into a conversation with someone that I have just met. Enjoying the possibility of making a new acquaintance is the kind of meetings I love.

However, when I know that I have to go to a meeting (as I will be doing in 8 hours). I am filled with apprehension and dread. What are we going to talk about? How long is it going to last? Who is going to lead the meeting? Will there be a guest speaker, etc...

There really is no way to get things organized and completed properly without a meeting, I guess.

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