It's rainin', it's pourin'...  

Mouse0711 59M/60F
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8/4/2006 6:05 pm
It's rainin', it's pourin'...

It is raining and it sounds great. It has been so hot today, everyday...forever, and now the cooling rain reminds me of wonderful times during the rain.
I love to have sex during the rain, especially while camping. (What else is there to do) I have gone camping in tents, built lean-tos using tarps and shower curtains, or slept in campers, but when it rains, I LOVE to be in a tent. The cooling temps on the outside of the tent while we heat it up on the inside. Add the building of the humidity and the pounding of the rain on the canvas, and it's better than listening to Bolero. The hard unforgiving earth as you roll around on the ground. It can get especially intense when you add the occasional flash of lightening and loud rolls of thunder. Just like it is doing now...

I think I'll go find somebody to play with.

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