Ladies,how do u feel about all those dic pics.  

MotivatedT 39M
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11/8/2005 6:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ladies,how do u feel about all those dic pics.

Now I will be first to say.I do have some,but not everyone gets to see them. In past conversations with ladies here they've all told me about the infamous dic pics.Some like them others can't stand them.Instant delete you know.Yeah men,yall down bad!

You should hear the things they say.But now i want to other women here to give me their ten cents about it.And oh yeah I will be getting on the twat shots soon.Peace.

scandalous1019 44F
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11/8/2005 7:35 pm

To me the men who have a penis the size of a pen top need to keep it in their pants!!! What woman wants a man who isn't as big as their vibrator? Where's the motivation? Now the men who are holding, I hope they know how to work it. It's no good having the equipment and don't know what to do with it.

firsttimer896 68F

11/8/2005 8:29 pm

post 138016 I would rather see a man in a Tux than naked. Much sexier, a better turn on, I wonder whats under all those clothes!

12lovenow 46F

12/7/2005 11:56 pm

It' not so bad to see dick pictures it's just the men who know there dicks are little and have the nerve to call themselves "Big Daddy" what a big turn off. Then some of them take a pic close up on there dick to make it seem bigger. They should keep it real and if it's little they know and should keep it in there pants.

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