Wandering Eyes!  

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6/24/2006 5:52 pm

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Wandering Eyes!

Okay so my question for the day is why do men have to make it known when their eyes are wandering?

Me, my man, my son, and a guy friend of ours went out to eat today. While we were out a very nice looking young blond gal walked by with a T-shirt on that said Yummie's right across her chest. My guy friend turns to me and says I wonder if they are Yummy? Of course me wondering what the hell he is talking about after all we are at a restaurant buffet turn around to see what he is commenting on and notice the gal with the shirt. I roll my eyes.

So anyways then we go to walmart and this time my man turns to the guy friend of ours and makes some comment about a young woman walking out of walmart, of course within ear shot of me. Once again I roll my eyes and say "what is it about guys that when their eyes wander towards a hot-chick they have to make it known to the people they are with..especially their women!" My man luaghingly replies because they are hotter than you honey"...still laughing. Of course I blow this off because I know he is just trying to get my goat. He loves to do that! But I don't reply. Then he says.. "op she's mad now" I replied I am not mad. I just think you guys are rediculous!

But however this brings me to a point in the past. We were having a nice dinner just the two of us, we were lucky enough to have grandma take our son for the night giving us some time to ourselves. Anyway this woman walks by with huge tits.. (don't get me wrong they were nice) with a t-shirt on that said Hot Stuff across her chest. My man turns to her as she is walking by and says I like your shirt! Yeah right!

Now don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with him looking! Shit, I don't even have a problem with him making it known to me although I could care less. But when you talk to the person about what you are looking at...I am sorry but I consider that a hit on the woman. What do you think ladies? And you can't tell me that the white T with the words Hot Stuff in Red across her tits was really what he was commenting on!

So I challenge him on it. He says to me I just liked the shirt and thought to myself how you need one of those. Oh sure...good way to get out of it!

Do guys just like to make us gals jealous? Is that the deal? Please enlighten me!

expatbrit49 62M

6/25/2006 5:41 am

No... we just do it because we are dumb and our whole body (mouth included) are controlled by our cocks

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