Wishful Thinking (If She Hadn't Told Me -- Part II)  

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Wishful Thinking (If She Hadn't Told Me -- Part II)

She called me. This is the second time in as many weeks that she's called me but now she won't return my call. She's probably just calling so I can come hang out with her and Mr. Wonderful again, but then again maybe not. She's not calling from their house. She could be calling from her cell, talking into the phone with cherry red lipstick, looking to lick the cherry right out of her prey for the night...this night she called me. Whew, just the thought of that makes my blood switch heads and I go into Heads Up mode.

I call the house and it is not her songbird voice, but the gruff voice of Mr. Wonderful...her Marine, lover, partner, roommate, captor. He recognizes my voice and livens up immediately. I made nice the last time we met and we're friendly now. I ask him if they were planning on going out later, since I got a call from her. He tells me that he's still at work and doesn't know why she called. Upon further thinking, he realized why she probably called...he's going out of town next weekend and she will need someone to pick her up from work on Friday. Hmmm, this could work out nicely. He tells me that he'll let her know that I called and have her give me a call.

A couple of days later I'm shooting pool in a nearby bar and here he comes, Mr. Wonderful. Amazing how I never met this guy before, now he's like the Anti-Visa...he's everywhere I don't want him to be. I was on my way out, but to be nice I kept him company while he shot for a bit. Apparently he's been having back problems. He's had them ever since he was an active soldier and they seem to be getting worse. I can sympathize because of problems I've had and what's been going on with a friend of mine recently. Still, I feel bad for the guy. I still haven't heard from HER but he asks me, for HER, to pick her up from work on Friday. This may be the single biggest show of faith (or stupidity) that I've seen in a long time . I tell him that I'd be happy to get her from work and he adds, "Y'all ought to go out for drinks or something afterwards. Hopefully she'll have something for you by then." A part of my brain sinks beneath my belt before I realize that he is talking about work. She's been looking into new job positions for me. Seeing as how I've been looking into new positions for her, it's only fair.

Wow, so Mr. Wonderful thinks enough of me to let HER alone with me for drinks on a Friday night while he's out of town. It almost sounds too easy, but then again it could be a setup for HER. He's been there when we were hanging out and he has to see how she hangs on me, he probably knows. He has probably already screamed at her, fought with her, beat on her about it. Damn these good looks, sparkling personality, and silver tongue! If I took part in making her life difficult I should kick my own ass. Seeing as how my leg doesn't bend that way, I move on to the next thoughts and my brain returns to it's downward descent. I simply smile and tell him "No problem."

It's Thursday night and my phone rings. It's HER! She thanks me for coming to get her tomorrow and is thinking she wants to go dancing. What the fuck?!?!? Did God just give me a coupon? Sure, we can go out dancing and drinking. I tell her I'd like to talk about what positions have come up recently. She tells me there are a couple that she's been working on for me.

"Ok, so where do you want to go dancing?" She picks a place downtown that's packed and loud and hot...this kind of place I love. I was kind of surprised to hear her suggest the place, and she noticed.

"I just want to cut loose and let it all hang out for one night...think you can handle it?", she asks.

(After I return to consciousness) "You better believe it. You're just going to need to bring a change of clothes, it's gonna be too hot in there for the kind of clothes you wear to work."

"I'm counting on that. Don't worry I'll bring a change of clothes with me and I can change in the car."

"Then I'll see you tomorrow...5 o'clock?"

"Unless you want me sooner."

(Putting the smelling salts away again) "Let's just play it by ear and I'll see you tomorrow."

Friday is fairly boring at work but I'm loving life because this night has got fan-damn-tastic written all over it. As fine as she is I can only imagine what she must look like in club clothes. Uh oh, I'm fourteen in Chemistry class again and I really shouldn't get up from my seat. Oh well, in a couple hours, the fun will really begin.

4:30 hits and I'm out of the door like a flash. I think I may have blown some papers off a co-workers desk, but that's not important now...I can apologize next week. What's important is I'm going to have this hottie all to myself and I've got to get there for her. I pull up outside her office at 5 and she comes out in a tight-fitting sweater and thigh-length black skirt with 3-inch heels on. Watching her walk out that door reminds me of something...I could cut glass with my cock right now.

I step out to give her a hug and she runs up to me, jumps into my arms and gives me a big kiss on the lips (no tongue, but enough to make my arms stronger, my legs stronger, and my dick, well let's just say my dick is taking all of my blood right now. We grab a bite to eat at a little place not far from her job and she goes on to tell me about work. I'm mostly paying attention and I know that I have to be wearing a Cheshire Cat grin because she is too. She tells me we have to go back to her office because she left something at her desk and she's got something there for me. We head back to her office and I stop the car up front. She tells me to park it because I have to come up with her. The place is empty and silent as a crypt. I guess her co-workers want to get the hell out of dodge on Friday too. We walk up to her desk and I'm looking around the office until I see that she's bent over and is taking her panties off. She proceeds to toss them in a file drawer saying "I won't be needing those tonight."

I was about to make a comment when she puts a finger to my lips and then kisses me. Soft and deep, probing each other's mouth, rubbing up and down. She breaks the embrace and drops to one knee.

"I told you I had something here for you."


She was right...OH MY GOD! She was right.

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