Love those dresses with snaps  

Moongodass 59F
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8/6/2005 9:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Love those dresses with snaps

Years ago I used to work for Jewel Foods and believe it or not we had to wear dresses -- and they had snaps in the front. Our store crew was very close knit and joksters. So, every once in a while if I was on a register, another checker would come over looking for bags and then tug at the bottom of my dress and cause all the snaps to open. I'd of course turn around and resnap as fast as I could without being too embarassed. This made me careful to wear full slips - once in a while I'd forget - like the time I was wearing red see through panties that my boyfriend had given to me for Valentine's day. The customer standing next in line was a lovely black man who gasped 'oh baby'. I turned every shade of red and never forgot how he lauged.

So for the longest time I've had this fantasy = I am riding in a convertible with you - and the wind is blowing in our face cause the top is downs. We're just driving to nowhere in particular - we're on the open road. I'm wearing a sleeveless dress with snaps and just the top snap is undone. A trucker is driving along side of us and you reach over and caress my left breast. The trucker gives me a wink and pulls ahead. I tell you to continue and you say - OK but you drive.

After switching seats, you tell me you like my dress. You lean over and nuzzle my pussy through my dress as you pull at the bottom few snaps. I just shaved my legs and know how silky they are. I have fuck me pumps on and so I lift my ass a bit to push my crotch toward your face and at the same time I spread my legs just a bit. The car is on cruise control anyway.

Why don't you tell me what happens next. I'm going to masturbate now...

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8/6/2005 4:41 pm

Cruising along parting those lovely legs even further apart exposing your clit and sucking it betwen my lips and swirling my tongue around it, arching your hips to meet my lips and tongue, pressing on the gas as your excitement grows with every lick.. Slipping 2 fingers into you and finding your g-spot and rubbing it and sucking and swirling my toungue around your clit bringing you to an intense orgasm just as you pass your trucker friend giving him a full view and blasting his horn as you cummmmmmmmm and go pass him smiling doing 100 mph~~~~~~~

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