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This is me..........In General

June 22 - July 22

Cancer is the protective, mothering force of the Zodiac. She soothes and consoles, understands and nurtures. Whatever lies within her domain is kindly and generously protected, with a fierce tenacity......children, home, friends, allies and possessions. Anyone who disturbs the close circle of Cancer's home will get pinched !

The Cancer is a sensitive soul whose protective nature extends to her own carefully guarded feelings. Cancer needs to feel strong, because she is responsible for so much and so many. Any assault on her personal strength, character or integrity is considered a serious threat, and she may hide, or turn and fight with bitter words.

Because the Cancer has a very deep intuition into the feelings and motives of others, she may detect hostility that is not readily apparent to others, or that is intentionally hidden. You may see or hear her strike out at a seemingly innocent person, but Cancer knows very well what lies beneath the surface.

Cancer is sometimes called touchy and sensitive. There is much behind this sensitivity. Ruled by water, she is an imaginative, creative, flowing and maternal person. Cancer enjoys all things related with caring for others - cooking, tending to young ones, decorating, teaching, healing, and gathering food. The Ocean has a special calling to Cancer, and her moods change with the phases of the Moon. Cancer can be downcast and crabby or a silly lunatic, but most importantly, she can always be counted on to love unconditionally and to care for her loved ones with all her heart.


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