French Lover!  

Monamerlin 38F
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4/27/2005 10:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

French Lover!

Today noon i met one french guy in shenyang... we had a good lunch together.. and talk to get know more about each other.... when we got out the reasturant I feel his cock really get hard when he met me and talk with me! And then come back his hotel about 2pm... when he open his door,, he just given me long french kiss... cannot stop kissing him and got so excited when he suck my nipples and lick my pussys. I love that.... I went to bed take off my all clothes and waiting him on bed.... he came and take off clothes too... then start kissing, touching me... he like play with my pussy... he love to lick it... finger it... make me come.. I really love to suck a good cock.. and swallow all cum.... taste is good... YUMMY... He love I suck him... give him so great feel and make him come too..... He also good at fuck too... 69, side by side... all I my fav... make me come over and over! I had great time today.... So I will met him again... and get that good fuck soon...

ChinaJosh 37M

5/31/2005 9:41 am

That sounds incredible. I hope I can get the chance to try and make you come more over and over.

rm_scoobylax 48M

8/1/2005 6:06 am

luv, sounds fantastic! Must have that kind of passion to really get off. would love to meet you sometime, i am in bj.

rm_belsammael 38M
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8/4/2005 10:09 pm

Good girl. Hope you had much more fun after that.

SexyMac25 30M
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8/20/2005 11:23 pm

plzz visit my blog, its new and i need more people to help get the ball rolling.

rm_trump212000 41M/42F

10/6/2005 4:12 am

Full of shit is all I can say!! the time periods don't correspond 2 da rendevous.....all in her head, physcotic biatch, that's y she's not on da site no more suckers....

Chinese_Nights 46M
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10/26/2005 1:36 am

Why must some people log in here and critic others? Can somebody tell me? Even if that is only a fantasy... here are too many peoples with dreams only but, just as for myself, I hope that Mona gets hers in reality. And I am sure a sexy lady like her will get what she wants... So give her a break and cheer her... well done Mona (and it does not matter if that is a great daydream or reality).
Referring to your first BLOG entry, many people will not keep in contact because they can NOT contact you (story of being a basic member like me so last time when I was in Shenyang I could not contact you either)

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1/7/2006 9:41 am


lover20052009 33M
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1/14/2006 9:11 am

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1/14/2006 9:12 am

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1/17/2006 11:06 pm

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1/27/2006 4:58 pm


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