rm_MonRachat 32M
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3/27/2006 10:43 am

Understand that
It isn't until you destroy yourself
And face your past
That you will ever see your future

Understand that
You should fear nothing
For in the end it will end
And so it cannot be stopped

Understand that
Love comes when you don't want it.
And leaves when you need it.
But never forget love,
For it's sometimes all you have.

Understand that
Chance is you won't know yourself
Not 'til you are ready,
But you can never judge when you're ready to.
So be cautious,
but never plan your life.

Understand that
We all love and hate,
Feel anger and remorse,
We mourn our loved ones and celebrate births
And the world may never see this.

Understand that
Life is greater than any power,
It can never be controlled
And is always in our hands.

Understand that
If you understand me,
Then you don't understand me.

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