Best Places to Meet Women  

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7/5/2006 5:38 am

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Best Places to Meet Women

In my personal experience the best places to meet women are in retail establishments. I'm talking primarilly about the women that work in these places. Grocery stores and Walmart have been the best places for me. Look at the advantages:
1) The girl you are meeting is a responsible working person not drunk or high on drugs.
2) It's a perfect enviornment for starting a conversation. It's well lit. It's quiet enough to hear and be heard. The situation is optimal for making conversation. There's no tension and it's easier to break the ice.
3) You know where they'll be everyday so you always know where to find them.
4) You have a captive audience cuz they can't run away.
5) It's free. It doesn't cost you anything to go in and talk with her where she's working.
6) They always have name tags or their names are printed on the receipts if they work as a checker. So you have their name right off to begin with.
Those are six reasons that just jumped off the top of my head. I know every available (and unavailable) woman in every grocery store in every little town in proximatey to my residence. It's enough girls to fill a classroom. I enjoy flirting and talking with all of them whenever the opportunity presents itself. Oh yah, and photographs are the number one ice breaker for me. If you really want to get talking bring a pile of pictures for them to look at. Ed.

Ok, so who else has some good ideas? Let's hear about them.

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