Kissing 101  

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10/15/2005 8:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Kissing 101

Who teaches boys how to kiss anyway? Did you practice like me and my girlfriends did--on the back of your hand, on the inside lip of the doorway, on each other or on a pillow? Probably not. You probably just went for it with the first girl that became available, dove in tongue-first. I ask because there are so many truly bad kissers out there. People that truly lead with their tongues, like they are trying to find your mouth by sticking their tongue out like an antenna or homing device as they lunge forward. I call it "The Lizard". Duplicating your oral technique in someone's mouth is a really bad idea. I'm not kidding. This happens more often than i care to recall. There are lots of men who literally "swap spit". It is revolting. Men (and I'm singling out men because I don't have deep romantic kisses with women), should really realize that women warm up a lot better if you know how to kiss their lips up top in a way that makes them percolate, bubble and beg for attention sexually down below. I have actually made a decision NOT to have sex with someone because their kissing was soooo bad. My train of thought was..."there's no way he can give me oral well if he is kissing me this terribly". I know I am not the only woman who thinks like this. Sometimes, if I see potential, clearly wants to please me, I will whisper to the guy "Close your eyes and stay very still. Relax. Let me kiss YOU for a while...." This takes the pressure off of him and it also shows him how i like to be kissed. So how DO I like to be kissed???? Ahhhh, let me reminisce for a moment.... I have truly been kissed perfectly before. This has been by sexually mature men who viewed kissing as an incredible sexual act in and of itself and not just a bus stop on the way to the final destination or an obligatory act to muddle through in order to "get to the good stuff". When done well, one can truly kiss for hours and stay at a highly aroused state for a prolonged period of time such that when you move into the next stage of foreplay and sex, every nerve ending is begging to be stimulated, every square inch of skin is dying to be caressed. I've been there. It can happen. It's almost tantric, spiritual. I can actually feel high from it, get dizzy from good kissing. Absolutely true. I like for the kiss to start off light, teasing, sensual, lots of contact of the lips just barely touching, breath comingled, kissing and pulling back, approaching and retreating, making the other anticipate, lean forward for the next time there will be contact like a dehydrated person yearning, craving for a single drop of water. Tongue should never be the meal, but the appetizer, so to speak, used sparingly, to tease and invite. Slowly, taking time, building in intensity, brushing lips against theirs, pressure of lips together tighter, licking, nibbling of lips, sucking of lips and tongues.... Deeply, passionately, but holding steady and slow until you just can't take it anymore and you could simply devour this person, consume very, very hot.....but don't go too fast, don't break the spell... let it build and grow and fill your brain and your body until there's nothing else happening at that moment in the world BUT that kiss. That's good kissing... When time stops and you are basically fucking with your deep inside of each other... you want more... Damn, that' s good stuff. It's an art, a gift, to kiss like that. Truly passionate, sensual kissing opens me up, literally and figuratively. But you have to be patient enough to build to that point and not just start ripping your clothes off after one minute. Good sex is like that too...gradual buildup over a long period of time until even the barest of touches from your lover will send you into orbit because your entire body is primed, your whole self has become this giant receptacle for SEX.... If you haven't yet created or experienced are truly missing out. Happy trails, young lovers...

wheelinrockwell 57M

12/6/2005 6:29 pm

Howdy Mochamoxy!

I was really tiring to get away from this here computer, but I just read all of your blogs and found I wanted to comment.

I agree. Been there, felt that, Liked it, and got dizzy too.
Yes it was like F... .. Blood pressure was up. and so on....

Thanks for bringing back memories... Yes. the power of kissing.

It was soft and sweet.
A delicate treat.
one, two, three, four
I wanted more
a little tongue here
a little tongue there
Wet, warm and tingling
I felt throughout my body
five, six, seven, eight
I felt,I had to celebrate
Nine, ten, teasing
elevean, twelve pleasing
thirteen, fourteen
OOoo we's makin a scene
fifteen, sixteen
she felt like a queen
seventeen, eighteen
had to break for some air
nineteen, twenty
That's some real, good and plenty
this sure is fun
what are we to do?

oooookkkkkkkkkk, I need to goooo now.

Peace, Love


wheelinrockwell 57M

12/6/2005 6:42 pm

Hey there MochaMoxy

I just wanted to mention. Cher had a song
It's in his Kiss. That song tells it, too..



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