Helmet and seat belt laws  

Mo_Thumper 45M
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9/19/2005 11:50 am

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Helmet and seat belt laws

I am 33 y/o and the master of my own destiny... So, why does the federal and state gov feel they have the right to tell me what I have to do in/on my own vehicle? Answer...REVENUE..not safety. The helmet/seatbelt law was put to a vote in Missouri and it was voted down. Missouri still passed the law. The federal gov threatened to withold federal highway funds from Missouri if it did not comlpy. So, why did we, as missourians, even waste or time and tax payers money on a vote? Accidents and fatalities have only increased since the passing of the law. I even reasearched the helmet issue, being an motorcyclist myself, not one helmet design has been approved since 1972 by D.O.T.. The helmet manufactures don't even garuntee their helmets to withstand an impact over 17 miles an hour. And, it is fact that helmets limited visibility, and promote loss of hearing while in use. Science tells us that if your doing 50 mph and wearing a 2# hemet that is like having a 10#s resting on your head and neck which would cause one to become more quickly fatiqued. Fact..fatique is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents..... Sorry for my rant..

Sweetpickles69 47F

9/19/2005 1:44 pm

I totally agree with you. Isn't it supposed to be a "free" country? I hate seat belts just as bad. I once knew a family of 5, that was in a car accident, only the mother lived. As the car was burning, all she could hear were the cries of her 9 year old son, & set of 2 year old twins. I can't help but think of them everytime I have to put that damn belt on!


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