Learning when not to say anything..  

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11/5/2005 7:31 pm

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Learning when not to say anything..

Have your intention's ever been misunderstood?

If you think that they may have, is this not as good a place as any to say sorry?

I think so.. especially if you like them, and find yourself switched on to their words, like they we're penned from your own thought's and feeling's..

Maybe I could've have talked about my friend of almost 16yrs who died of an overdose about two years ago..

He was an only child, but still someone's son. His mother is a lovely woman, the type of mother that made you feel like you were in a home away from home, but it was better than being at home, because you behaved..
And you behaved yourself because she was so nice, in some way's that made you wish she was your mum(just for a bit).. she's lost her only child..
I think of her when I think of him.

I got him his first job working wknd's and week day morning's for a local milkman, we were only 14. but it was a laugh. Most morning's we'd get to registration late, in hindsight this probably didn't help our education much.
I think of us when I think of him.

I bumped into his girlfriend only the other day while out getting grocery's.. she seemed fine, he'd left behind two very young children they brought into this world together...
I think of them when I think of him.

I think of all the so called friend's that didn't turn up for his funeral, preferring to remember him as a junkie, yet on the scale of his lifetime he was so much more.
I never touched the stuff, don't want to, but he dosen't have that choice any more... I think of that when I think of him.

It never crossed my mind that I may have been offending you, I only wanted to make you smile..

I'll remember this, when I think of you.. x

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