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Mmphmm 45M
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11/17/2005 3:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just for laughs

Do women really find watching a man washing dishes in the buff, sexy?
Or is it just a novel way of embarrassing men without them realising your really taking the piss?
Please, please, please…
Don’t let me ramble on along equalities path until we reach the road to male inadequacy.
Just because I don’t own a feather duster, doesn't mean I'm not domesticated (Lo.

My first job in catering was working as a dishwasher “ahem” kitchen porter, for a well known chain of Hotels…
It was part-time while I was at college studying to be a chef/cook, a dirty job, but the money seemed great at that age (17).

Apart from Gordon, a right lazy old sod, bless him (Please note: time has mellowed my indifference)
the only other problem I had was with my confidence, I suppose bright blue overalls on hands and knees up to the eyes in shite while wearing one of those white mesh Trilby numbers will do that to a hip and trendy teenager.
(Being shy didn’t help either)
The younger waitresses only seemed to bother with the chefs and waiters; they didn’t really talk or seem to notice me...
With the older women/girl’s it was different though, they made me blush.
Sometimes you accidentally (honest) overheard part of a graphic conversation down by laundry, or sometimes they were at the coffee/tea station having a gossip and as I swept by (literally) they’d be rude with me (sigh)…
I was still a virgin at the time… Even so, I still knew they were only playing, I loved it though… I still do…
They could probably read the expression on my face (Lo ‘coming over all unnecessary’ you could say.

And my face still gives everything away…
(maybe I should learn to play Poker).


rm_bella_ 47F
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11/18/2005 11:46 pm

Thanks for visiting my blog...if you want to wash my dishes in the buff I would be more than happy to watch you, film you...whatever!!

Mmphmm 45M
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11/19/2005 3:40 pm

The pleasure was all mine... (You absolute sauce pot!!)
Well, mine and all the other thousands of fans you have!

(Lo... we are not worthy.

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