I bet you FIFTY pence....  

Mmphmm 45M
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11/28/2005 4:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I bet you FIFTY pence....

I could make you come in your pants, right here, right now... just by fucking you with words, you know I can... would you like that baby... I know you would.
You know what...
I'm going to do it anyway.
Just to see the look on the tailor's face when you hand him back the trousers.

Oooh.. that pink tie would go lovely with the shirt I bought you last week... Honestly babe, those shoes only cost me a tenner.


What do you think she's saying?

Mmphmm 45M
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11/28/2005 12:57 pm

LoL... That's the spirit.

I haven't seen any yet... but I'm looking

tillerbabe 56F

11/29/2005 3:53 am

"i'm out of tampons...need some now..please sweetie?"

Mmphmm 45M
592 posts
11/29/2005 6:50 am

LoL... you win, I owe you fifty pence.

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