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Here, is the only place on this site that I know how to and can! communicate with you... The only interaction I have now is through here, unless you contact me (UPGRADE another post)

I remember reading a blog when I first found them (blogs) & it was a woman complaining about a man using his blog like a profile,
maybe I misunderstood and it was the content she wasn't happy with (I forget) but I thought that this is what blogging's for If I want to find out about you and vice versa ( sort of )
"Yellow" is one of my early posts that relates to this subject.

I'm not sure If that way of thinking is ok anymore... maybe I'm just being premature and ejaculating nonsense.

Since I came here... I've been absent on two occassions (all will be explained)! In this time I have thought about you (wether that's you or you all) and how I'm coming to like you more than I should, maybe! xxx
Because on whatever level, you have become part of my world & in a way it saddens me somewhat to think you could just disappear.
I'm speaking from the heart..
Here maybe isn't anything or forever for us but I'm going to make sure if we don't "reach" each other, know this.... I know more now! about me and who I want me to be...( And cringe as I write, any question may be answered WINK!)
Because you play/played a part in opening me up a lot more in certain areas that needed attention, mentally if not physically.
What I mean is... as you get to know the real me and I'm talking to you about me in a way that's never been done before (I keep saying that sorry! )
but I mean it, stripping down to the bone (haha) you will come to read examples of my imperfections as much as who I am, who I've been, who I want me to be, knowing together all the while through life we are constantly changing, evolving.

Read TILLERS comment on 1Hotwahine's post
JUST SAY "DELETE" It holds a lot of the sentiment I'm trying to show without the shite. He tells us now!! LoLxxx

I'm still learning to communicate here Blogcentral.... Security is an issue for us all and could potentially affect any part of our REAL lives that we care to mention/will mention.

I'm liking this new xo thing.... "Wish I really could though" Oops!!
(Luv ya)

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