George Clooney, another dude, and me  

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1/10/2006 11:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

George Clooney, another dude, and me

George Clooney is a recurring hot character in my fantasies, as well as in my dreams. I define "fantasy" by me imagining something really hot when I'm bored or horny or just hard up to get off. Dreams, are literally dreams and I often have dreams that are at least partially sexual. Woohoo!
Okay, so it starts out with me on my back getting my pussy eaten really good by a head of grey hair and the tightest George Clooney bod. I ran my fingers through his hair and imagined what his cock was doing right at that moment. I don't have time for foreplay and nipple teasing and all this with George. I couldn't handle it. I don't know what it is about him, but I'm wet all over again.
There was another guy in the room with us and he was just over there watching us. My clit was still in George's mouth and my hole was throbbing. He got me just almost to come, and I wanted to suck his dick.
I loved some George Clooney cock in my mouth. I licked it all over first to make it real good and wet before I took the head in my mouth and performed tongue magic on it. I kept his balls in one hand and with the other, I helped myself. He started to breath heavier and my pussy still throbbed. I sucked it so good and hard and he clearly enjoyed it. When he had had enough, he sat me up on the bed and flipped me over.
He licked my clit a little more from behind to make it good and slick and he teased me with his cock, rubbing it all over my pussy and my clit before slowly slipping in just the fat, round tip. Oh my God. I was going to fuck George Clooney! My pussy got so fat and engorged with blood when he finally sunk his dick all the way deep. It really hit my spot. There's nothing like it. He started hitting it faster and harder and I fucking love that. My whole body started to pulse, but I wanted to ride him like the stud he is, so I sat him up on the bed and rode him cowgirl style. It always feels so good like that. His cock must have been close to poking my heart, it was so good. He started making hot George Clooney noises and I didn't think I could take it anymore, but he got up with me still on him, threw me on the bed, and fucked me with my legs over his shoulders. Oh my. It sounded so good, and so did he, and I started to feel like I'd lose it, and he just did it faster and hit it right until I came all over that fat thing and my hole squeezed it up and didn't want to let go.
Thank God for Mr. Clooney. I love him. I think I'll go now.

MmmnTasty19901 32F
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1/11/2006 12:46 am

Well, you're welcome, I guess. I wouldn't have it any other way.

MmmnTasty19901 32F
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1/11/2006 5:03 pm

I haven't seen it. Hell, yeah, I'd do him for free, but it'd be awesome to make money at it, too. I have done some plays and studied theatre in school, maybe I'll be a Broadway star someday. He must have fun if he's single. Clooney, if you're out there, hit me up!

longthicknreadee 44M

1/24/2006 8:38 am

Honey, that was as hot as it gets!!! You have a great imagination that I would bet is as good in real life! Wouldn't I love to find out! Bye for now!

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