No More Monday's for another week!!!!!  

MizMadness 49F
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4/18/2006 2:31 am
No More Monday's for another week!!!!!

What can be better than THAT???

There is nothing worse than a Monday (unless you start your work week on a different day). I wonder how may working people have had the dreaded "Week of Monday's"?

That is the ONLY thing worse than Monday in my opinon - a WHOLE week of them, of never ending WTF episodes, of countless Meetings about a bunch of "critical items" we all know and discuss until our ears bleed, numerous slogan repeating (oh, you HAVE to know these!), I could go on and on.

I refuse to let today be another Monday - I promise to go into work today in full-tilt silly mode. I will bring NEW team slogans to the meetings like the ones you can get from www.Despair.Inc. (I only wish I could hang those posters in my office!!!!!)

Maybe they will give me a "Mental Health Day"???

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