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2/10/2006 8:54 am

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New Woman Sub

What I would do to you if you were my sub? Since you are new...
I would start simply and possibly involve a man to make you more comfortable, shall we say your hubby for example? I would instruct you to undress for him and stand so that you could be inspected fully from every angle. You would then be told to sit in the desk chair with your arms extended outward and your feet in front of you together. Your wrists would be cuffed behind the chairs waist and your ankles would be cuffed at the chairs base. Your hubby would then be told to lick and bite your nipples until they become hard as I hold your head back with a fist full of your hair. He would be told to finger and play with your pussy until it became wet. I would tell you to move your ass forward in the chair until it is almost off the edge, once there I would lightly let the tails of the whip slap across your chest and tits, stomach, legs and finally your pussy. Your hubby would be then told to fuck you slowly with a dildo of his choice getting you even wetter as I continued to slap you lightly with my whip across your hard nipples, each moan that escaped your lips would be his que to penetrate you deeper and faster with the dildo until you are close to the point you want to cum, then he would stop and the ankle and wrist cuffs would be removed. You would be told to kneel on the bed, your ass in the air and not to move as I first whip your back thn your ass lightly. Having your hubby remove his clothing he would then kneel in front of you and take a handfull of your hair and put his dick in your mouth forcing you to suck on it as I continue to slap your ass with the whip. Once you had started to pleasure him I would set the whip down and slowly rub your ass to sooth it as I slip the dildo into your pussy from behind and start working it in and out of you slowly. As you become more excited I stop and grab the smaller dildo and insert it in place of the larger your hubby chose. Getting it wet, I allow it to slide from your pussy up your crack to your ass, letting the moisture transfer, then back down into your pussy again, several times I would do this to ensure both holes remain wet until finally I slip the smaller dildo into your ass slowly so that there is little pain and return the larger one to your hot, wet pussy again. Slowly moving each of them in and out at the same pace as you are being mouth fucked by your hubbys hard cock. After you have made him cum he moves to the rear of you and takes control of the two dildos, slowly moving them inside you and again brings you close to explosion but is again made to stop. Your huuby is aroused again so I allow him to fuck you now, but it must be done in your ass. Again I tell you not to move, this time warning you that if you do the whip will not be so nice to you. Instructing him to first stick his cock in your pussy to get it wet he then is told to fuck you slowly in the ass allowing only a small amount of his dick in at one time until he is completely surrounded by your tight ass. Still at your side I pick up a medium sized dildo and stick it in your soaking wet pussy and move it around slightly making you squirm and I remind you of my warning about the whip once again. You settle for a minute and start to move again. Taking the whip in my free hand I bring it down across your back making you wince and moan in the same breath.... As your hubbys speed increases I move the dildo in you faster and you moan louder. I tell your hubby not to stop until he makes you explode this time! As he thrusts in you deeper from behind I do the same in your pussy. Slightly in pain but so near cumming you dont want to stop and a few minutes later you explode, body shaking as you cum feeling your hubbys hot cum in your ass and dripping down to your swollen pussy.

Ok, my attempt at story telling, hope you enjoyed it.

Mistress Tina

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2/11/2006 4:21 am

My wife and I are on the way to Iowa You little vixen you... -tm

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MistressTina66 50F
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2/12/2006 10:34 pm

tazzerman2000... Oh really? Hmm, when do I expect you? LOL! Glad you are enjoying the storys.

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