Just For You  

MistressTina66 50F
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4/3/2006 1:35 pm
Just For You

I wore a new outfit for you tonight. It is a black and burgendy corset with matching panties. Tonight I just wanted to make you happy and relax you. I laid you back on the bed slowly with a long and passionate kiss. Walking to the bed of the bed, I placed your feet up. Taking one in my hand, I gently massage it-working my way up to your calf. After I finish I take the other foot in my hand and repeat the same thing. "Roll over" I say in a low voice. I put warm oil in my hand and start rubbing your neck and shoulders to work out all the knots. You feel so wonderful under my touch I can feel my excitement for you rising. I continue to caress your back as I work my way down to your butt, such a lovely ass you have! I apply a bit more oil to my hands so that they slide easily across your firm bottom. I kneed it as I rub and I hear small moans coming from you. I stand so that you can roll over again. This time I climb on top of you, straddling your waist. I start to rub your chest now, placing small kisses across your chest. Feeling my wetness, you reach for me but I take your wrists and pin them down over you head. "You just lay here and enjoy" I insist before bringing my mouth down onto yours to stiffle and protest. I release your wrist from my grasp and continue where I left off with your chest before working my way down to your waist. I slide down between your legs now and position myself there. I stop and gaze at you and a smile creeps over my lips. You look so fantastic laying there, your body has responded so nicely to the attention that I have been giving it. My desire grows for you as I move on to my next spot of interest-that strong, standing cock! I slowly lick across the tip, allowing my tongue to caress around all sides of it. Licking the sides, making sure that it is nice and wet before I taking it into my mouth. I move up and down on you growing dick, I feel you start to move under me and again hear you moan. I feel your hand in my hair as you firmly get a hold. I love how it feels for you to touch me even in this small way so I let it continue. I take the length of you into my mouth again and your fingers tighten in my hair, I am so intent of getting you fully aroused that I don’t notice it is slightly painful. As I continue to move my mouth up and down over your cock, my tongue caresses it. I circle the tip again with my tongue before sucking it firmly into my mouth and move it around.You are so hard this time when you groan I fear that my teasing will make you cum before I am ready and I stop. I stand next to the bed and ask you to help me remove the corset, of course you comply prompty. I can feel your fingers at my shoulders as you allow them to trail downward to the clasps that hold the corset in place. Goosebumps are now forming all over my body and I feel your warm, soft lips on my shoulder, kissing me. As the corset falls to the ground your hands are on my hips grasping them firmly. I am so aroused that I lean back into you. Your hands work their way around to my tits. You rub them and pinch the nipples as you have many times before in my dreams and I gasp and moan with delight. A single hand now making it's way to my wet pussy, My knees weaken under your knowledgeable touches and I am forced to pull away. I push you back onto the bed and remove my panties. Seeing you lay there so hard I climb back on top of you. Slowly I lower myself onto your hard cock, first allowing only the tip inside of me. It feels so wonderful we moan almost at the same time. Knowing how excited we both are, I can only tease you for a brief moment before wanting to have you buried deep inside me. I start to take more of you inside me, the pleasure is so great, I bring myself down on you completely! Oh my god it feels so good, so deep and so full inside me... I sit there, unmoving, embracing the feeling and capturing the memory in my mind. Methotically, I start to grind my hips back and forth, forcing you in even deeper, bringing us closer to orgasm. Feelings overtaking me I start to work up and down now, slamming you into me. I have wanted this for what seems like forever and the sensations are so overpowering, I am so very close to cumming. Your hands are on my hips, fingers digging into my skin, holding me tightly in place as I move. You are so hard inside me that it makes me quiver and I am amazed and entranced by your reaction. Beads of sweat have started to form on our foreheads as our movements become almost one. "I want you so badly. Cum for me baby" I say in a deep, heavy voice. Movements now so heated, our passions almost achieved, we thrust together even harder. Moments later, we spasm as we cum together. It is the most powerful orgasm I have ever felt and my body shakes in response to it.

rabman 63M
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5/13/2006 10:44 pm

mmmmmmm......my cock is so hard right now.......need to cum

rm_69hungwell1 59M

6/20/2007 12:31 pm

you always make my cock pulsate

rm_manindubuque 53M

8/21/2007 1:46 pm

I love how you write...I'd love to meet you sometime...

karmnellam 54M

12/28/2007 5:37 pm

I knew I should have never left Iowa!

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