I need a fix.  

MistressMists 57F
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8/5/2006 9:01 pm
I need a fix.

My Master has been teaching me. He has been away from me for awhile. So I guess he wants me to be a good girl and not have anyone else why he is gone right......Well as hot and my body is right now I would take the first man who would walk through my door. The nights I have spent with the taste of his kiss of my lips and touch of his hands on breast............It makes me wet every time I think of him touching me..I want him to lick each of my nipples till they are so hard with so much pleasure. I want he very hands to part my clit and place his tonuge there and bring me up and over the edge and then back again...But please Master don't try to teach like this being without you. You have become like drug to me and I need a fix..........

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