Swinging Virgin  

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7/3/2005 8:43 pm

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Swinging Virgin

Well, I shared earlier that my bestfriend is coming to visit at the end of the month. We were a crazy and rowdy pair until she moved out of state- probably saved a lot of lives that way because we were truly out of control on too many levels. We egg each other on and encourage too much.

Now, here's the thing, she lives vicariously through me. She is a 30something virgin. Long story there, long story for another blog. Anyway, when she lived down here I took her to Fairvilla a few times- you can only imagine how red she was. One time we went with a mutual mail friend and I had him carry around a LARGE whip or flogger of some sort that I was going to buy. Yes, I could have just picked it up on the way out the door but I did it more for her benefit. You can only imagine how red her face was.

Back to the original story... for her birthday we went to the BNL concert and ended up VIP. Thereafter another buddy of ours had an invite to a party- darn shame I didn't go, but I couldn't ditch my buddy the virgin on her birthday and certainly didn't want to stunt her for life. Yes, we'd been invited to a swing party in Orlando. I am a big voyeur and whoever was throwing the party knew me somehow (I forget the connection now) and I was invited to go and just watch while my buddy was going to participate. (That's another story, because I she's been known to do some wild arse things just not thinking- like blowing a local radio dj while he's on the air). So, we never went to the swing party because that would have been a messed up way to introduce someone to their first sexual experience, right?

Ended up meeting my then beau and his bestfriend (who always pressured me for a threesome- dumb arse me says no b/c I worried how it will make my b/f feel). All of the girls swear they drugged our drinks that nite... let's just say it was some wild times between beau and I and I was an energizer bunny who loved the universe that nite. And you ask, how is that opposed to any other nite?

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