Sunday, bloody Sunday  

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7/3/2005 8:30 pm

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Sunday, bloody Sunday

Long and good day. We went to the zoo, got rained on, got muddy, my kid went running up to the elephants yelling, "Cooooow, mooooo"... okay, so maybe I've got my work cut out for me.

Afterthat we found ourselves wandering in Winter Park Villages and eating at the Cheesecake Factory. They took very good care of us. I had a peach Bellini - yum since I rarely ever drink. Still have half of my French Farm Salad left, will probably enjoy that in a bit.

Have been experimenting with different painting techniques and am trying desperately to collage a picture to a painting and get some texture. Maybe if it comes out deceint I will post it.

Went to alt deeoot website at a special someone's suggestion... double yum! The only problem is that as a standard member I can't see anything and it's just no fun. Not sure if I'll pony up the money to join or not... will have to check it out a bit. Anyone else have a membership there?

So I found out a bit about the perceived censorship- someone said it's sometimes linked to the size of the post. So, to just end that advice column question for once and for all, Size does count on AdultFriendFinder!

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