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5/6/2006 10:02 pm

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Fascinating thoughts from Miss

Monday, April 24th, 2006
12:39 am

Early this morning (last night really, 3AM) I had an interlude with a Man. It was fantastic. He fucks like a volcano. He even took me from behind while I was typing to one of you little girlfucks. He can't begin to understand you the way I do, nor could any Man. Needless to say he was a bit in awe of what I do for each of you. I was at a loss to even try to explain.

Having given this much thought, I've decided how I would explain it to a vanilla person. I improve you. How do I do this? I break down your ego by humiliating and abusing you, and by shoving you into territory that makes you icky and uncomfortable. Once you're in that place that makes you quiver in your panties with fear, I force you to stay there. Why? You spend enough time there, it starts to grow less scary and you become brave enough to go there again by yourself. I did it to myself and it did wonders for me. Once you learn to release control completely, you're free. Nothing scares you anymore. You're confident in who you are and what you want (and sometimes that just means that you're comfortable always submitting). Each of you sought me out because this is something you desire and you subconciously knew that I could give it to you.

Why would ANYBODY continue to come back to be abused, humiliated, violated, and to totally submit? Keep in mind I'm talking about CONSENSUAL acts here. Because it's an addiction. Most men try jumping out of planes, driving fast cars, motorcycles, drugs, alcohol, womanizing, etc, to get their adrenaline rush. You who have sought me out know that submission can be just as incredible. You know that next time I'll push you even further and although it's scarier than a needlestick, you know the high that it will bring. Vanillas laugh when I say I'm like crack, but I dare any of you to deny it. A few of you that I've encountered are already completely broken and free and really don't need me .... but you come to me because the submission itself is still an addiction for you.

What are the ways I break you down? I abuse you ... call you names, degrade you, make you feel worthless and inadequate. I humiliate you .... I force you to peform lowly acts that you feel are beneath you. I violate you physically ... I command you to perform acts (often sexual) acts that frighten you. I violate you financially .... I take your money so that tiny bit of security that money offers is removed from you, exposing your vulnerable insides. You enjoy this so much that you beg for more, beg me to take more from you, to push you further. As if these things alone are not addictive, I make it even more so. I praise you for this, I allow you to worship and spoil me, to know that there is at least one person on this Earth who understands you and encourages you to explore. I am not here to take from you, but to give and that makes you want to give back to me.

Any of you who have read this, I dare you to tell me I don't know you and understand you .....

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