Wow, I feel so left out.  

MisterNiceGuy312 55M
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5/28/2006 2:04 pm
Wow, I feel so left out.

Today, just to see what the competition was looking like, I viewed the Men in Michigan looking for Women. There are like 200,000 of us men looking for women.

There must have been 198,000 pictures of mens penis's. That is a lot of Dicks!

I feel so left out. I mean, I don't even own a picture of my dick. How did I ever think I would meet a woman without a picture of my dick?!?!

So, ladies, I have a super dick - a monster dick, bigger than a tall building, able to leap into action faster than a speeding bullet, and ... oh, no wait - that is superman (or maybe superdick).

Look, if you want a picture of my Dick, you are welcome to take one personally - once we date a bit, and figure out we are attracted enough to one another to get it on. Frankly, I don't plan on showing my dick to every woman I meet on here. But, then again, I am not under the impression I have the "Worlds Best Dick".

Now, if you want a picture of my tongue, lets talk..... (Thee, wight hea, dis ist won wonbderbul tung) Wow, it is hard to talk while showing off your tongue!

Anyway, ladies, if you want a guy with a huge cock, that's cool. Mine, 7" on a good day, 6 on an average outing, is not going to measure up to Moby Dick.

I can, however, make you smile both in and out of bed, am not afraid of falling in love, or admitting I need a womans touch, companionship and affection.

So, no dick pictures, unless you take them yourself.

Smooches, Marcus

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