Okay, am I just too ugly, or what?  

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5/28/2006 7:50 am

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Okay, am I just too ugly, or what?

Hi all, this is the blog for Marcus. That's me, a gainfully employed, multiple business owner, father of 3, happily married man from Battle Creek, Michigan - and the adventures I have in searching for my Second Love - both on and off line.

I have been putzing around trying to find myself a girlfriend online for a year, and have dated halfheartedly a couple times. But, I just got serious this past week (May 25th, to be exact - my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, and she told me to get serious about it!).

So, in my effort to "Get Serious" about finding the Second Great Love of My Life - I started an AdultFriendFinder profile, and started contacting some women. So far, that is not really working out. But it's only been a couple days thus far.

My criteria is pretty wide - I like women. Tall or short, skinny or full figured, any ethnicity, though I have only dated caucasion and hispanic women so far. I like women with a good sense of humor, a pretty smile, a pleasant face - and good hygene - everything else is negotible. Younger, older, taller or shorter - I ain't that picky, at least about looks.

I am both drug and disease free, and would only date someone who was also not drug dependant, or had any transmittable diseases.

I am looking for a girlfriend, preferably for a long term relationship, who will keep my interest sexually and emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I am looking for just the right woman, and that may take some time.

However, what I have heard so far is not encouraging. Some women are not interested in a married man, even one whose wife is 100% okay with it - and that's understandable. I mean, if you are looking for a husband, that ain't me. But, if you ladies are not looking to get married, why not have a man who will love you, help you, and not be obsessive about you? I honestly think I have a lot to offer.

Now, I suppose I could pass for 38, so maybe I should lie about my age. And, I am being honest about being married - I imagine there are a LOT of men on here who are lying about their marital status - some women have even suggested that I lie about my marital status to get more action.

But, I am being honest with the women I speak to. I am 44, and in great health. I am educated, articulate, honest, caring and kind - passionate and reliable, and a fun guy to be with. I am also married - and want to have a woman I see at least twice a week, spend the night with some times, take out for dinner, to movies, and am involved in her life - and her in mine - but not marriage. (Cause, you know, that would be polygamy, and that is illegal).

Anyway, this is my blog, and I will try to update it at least every week.


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