Are the odds are 11 to 1? Or, 1,000 to 1?  

MisterNiceGuy312 55M
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6/2/2006 5:45 am
Are the odds are 11 to 1? Or, 1,000 to 1?

Okay, math junky here, I admit it. I like math. Heck, in Highschool, and in college, I took my "electorate" classes in additional MATH credits.

On AdultFriendFinder as of this morning, there are 216,534 men looking for women. There are 18,638 women looking for men. That is 11.61 men for every woman. So, the odds are roughly 11 to 1, 12 to 1, of a man finding a woman for (whatever)?

I find those odds to be unrealistic. (math freak that I am).

And, though I am not a stuck up guy, really I am not, I know what I have to offer - and that is why I believe the odds are much worse than 12 to 1.

I am intelligent, educated, reasonably fit (though still a bit over weight), fairly good looking, employed, not rich - but I do own three businesses, am fairly presentable - I make good impressions and can be friendly with my girlfriends family, kids, friends, relatives, etc. I am not hung like a horse, but not all that bad. I love to pleasure a woman - not to brag, but I could do pushups with my tongue. I have a nice butt, look good in a tshirt and jeans, or church clothes - I mean, I got it going on. Really.

I am honest, sincere, capable of carrying on a conversation, and listening when a woman is talking (not just nodding until she shuts up so I can fuck her).

But, and I realize it's only been a little more than a week, but I can't even get a freaking LUNCH date - how pathetic is that?!?

Now, perhaps looking for "Love" on this site is unrealistic. AdultFriendFinder is, what, exactly? A meat market? A swap shop? Not exactly a dating service - I realize.

But, if I go to eHarmony, I have to claim to be single - and that would be lying, and that won't do. I don't want meet a nice gal who wants a husband, and mislead her.

To say I am open to women of most body types is not unrealistic - I have dated strippers, models, a lawyer, a cop, an AirForce Captain, and women who outweighed me by more than 100 pounds. Personality really IS more important that looks - though a woman has to be attractive, I find MOST women attractive.

Now, maybe I got spoiled. Heck, I met my wife on AOL, in a chatroom, in 1994, using AOL 2.0, and paying $3.95 an hour for my connection. I met her in one week, during which I also met 3 other women. That was 4 dates, my first week on AOL.

This week, -0- dates, and honestly, I'm a better looking guy now than I was then. More successful, happier, more educated.

This past week, I have sent out over 200 emails to various women on this site. Personalized emails, not some standard boilerplate template email for every gal, but read their profiles, responded to them individually. White women, hispanic and asian women, one incredibly funny black woman. I contacted women from 28 top 58, one one gorgeous woman who said whe was 61, but looked 45 or so. And, for my efforts? Not one date - though I did get propositioned for "pay to play" a couple of times.

So, I have to conclude, that I have done my part - I sent out the emails, answered the few that came back in to me. I am contactable by basic members, I am a gold member, and - unless I am just butt ugly and don't know it - I can not grasp why I am getting no luck here.

Hey, if anyone can explain it to me, go ahead.

I suppose the smart thing to do now is just check my mail once a day for a week, and see if anyone contacts me, cause contacting the ladies first does not seem to work.

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