row 7... seat 3A ... part II  

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2/11/2006 7:56 am

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row 7... seat 3A ... part II

Stilling my body to the slow movement of the room, I wandered in no particular pattern, taking in the sights as they appeared to me. Couples standing in front of several racks of available tattooing afforded to me a quick listening of their conversations. Forever a people watcher, I enjoyed the small glimpses into their dialog.

Running my hand along the glass and metal edging of the display case, I abstractly let my mind imagine the placement of different jewelry. Larger studs tended to fascinate me, as they corresponded to a younger trend, which seemed bolder. Inwardly smiling at the more obvious mental image of older geriatric aged persons, still studded from their youth, going about their daily routines. I think everyone's mother gave us a mental image of why you shouldn't get tattooed.

My smile must have caught the attention of the younger man working the counters, as he inquired mimicking my smile, asking if I required any help. Again, my inner mind is laughing, thinking that do i ever need help! Outwardly, I smiled sweetly and asked if I required an appointment for a piercing.

"What type of piercing are you interested in?", was his next question, causing me to stiffen slightly. Trying to look confident, I replied that I was interested in finding out the variations of a genital piercings available for a female. "That would depend on what type of piercing you are actually interested in... I am assuming you are asking about clitoral hood piercing?", was his next question that almost floored me. Something about his young age, and the fact that there were people around me, possibly overhearing MY conversation, suddenly visualizing me with such a piercing, made me blush deeply. I realized suddenly that perhaps I should have encouraged Sean to accompany me, despite the grilling he had given me earlier via my cell phone.

.... to be continued...

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