Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B.. continued.. Part IV  

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Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B.. continued.. Part IV

Jim's grip on me strengthened, pulling me further back onto him. The material of the pink bra clung to my breasts like a second skin. My breathing had erupted into short, hard gasps and I refused to look Joel in the eyes. He inched so close i could feel his hot breath on my skin as his fingers toyed with the pink material glued to me. His tongue began licking across the pinkness, across my hardened nipples. Licking across each nipple, wetting the material which barely covered the erect tips.

He didn't stop smiling, even when he instructed the driver to return back the way we had traveled. My mind instantly went to the idea of the other cars driving along side us. Could they see me, were they trying?

Joel's instructions were to take the little sister back to the carnival and leave her there... alone. I began to protest and I found Joel's hand around my jaw, the knife in his other hand. His eyes were small and dark and suddenly he smiled largely. Taking the closeness of the knife and his hand away from my face, he came close to me again, whispering, "I will take her back to where she is safe from harm, but it requires that you go with us willingly."

Somehow, the idea that he could easily take both of us, was replaced with the idea that the little sister could go free and possibly get help for me. There was no other answer except for my small answer of 'yes'.

Although i could not see, I was able to hear her trying to turn back to talk to me, and her protest at being told 'no'. I heard her car door open and the sounds of the carnival as she was pushed out onto the sidewalk. The other unnamed boy who had been sitting in the back seat with us, took her seat in the front of the car. I found myself alone in the backseat with Joel and Jim.

He didn't waste a moment. Joel was back along my ear again... "Tell me, how you please your boyfriends". There was no answer from me. I remained silent, refusing to talk to him.

"Do you let them touch your pussy? Do you only let them rub the outside of your panties? Or, is it only the outside of your jeans, trying hard to make you wet?" he asked insistently. Joel continued questioning me, trying to make me respond to him.

Joel ran his hand down my quivering tummy, and traced the waistband of my jeans. His hand unbuttoned the first button of the jeans. Joel pushed himself away from me and concentrated his all of his attention to licking the uncovered skin. Another button coming undone, and him pulling the jeans open further. The pink panties i was wearing had come into his sight. He smiled slyly and popped the elastic on them. Something triggered in me and I thought for an instant I could kick him.

The impact that I made glanced off of his shoulder and he caught my leg with ease I had not expected. This only further fueled me to try to wiggle free.

Jim immediately grabbed a handful of my hair and wrapped his free arm across my chest, tightening his grip. Joel laughed and held both of my calves in his hands. The conclusion was clear. I was being held and didn't have a chance of getting out of the backseat unless he allowed it.

Joel began to tug my jeans off of me. I was becoming horribly embarrassed. Each tug brought more of me into the daylight streaming into the back of the car. 'Take a back road' was his only instruction, as he began to ease my jeans past my knees, leaving me partially tangled in them.

Joel's fingertips ran across the front of my pink panties. The satin must have already found its way into my wet slit because I could feel his fingertip ease into the dampness between my lips. I must have been barely breathing, because I suddenly found myself gasping out loud for air. Jim had maneuvered the arm across my chest so that it had pulled my bra up. He had freed my breasts for further inspection.

to be continued....

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