Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B  

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Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B

Carnival music and an early crowd, the near pastel tickets hidden with sweating fingers, and the smell of cotton candy mingled in a clash in her mind. Listening to her girlfriend ramble endlessly about the new man in her life as she weaved expertly through an widening increase of meandering bodies, she absently noticed the young men following.

Without a cue given, the girlfriend finally looked up from her ramblings to the same conclusion. The only person clueless was perhaps the younger sister, tagging along as a reminder to be good and stay together.

"He's perfect... such a hot car... i swear, his shoulders are THIS big.... and i know.. i mean KNOW that he's going to meet me here".....

She nodded her approval, scanning for other females in sight, weighing her odds of success, quick glances gaging age, social bearing, interest level. Noting direct eye contact, she quickly looked downward and away.

"Are they watching?" asked the friend... "Is WHO watching?" asks the younger sister.

Ten minutes later, Twenty yards away, we are approached from behind. The first inclination of definite interest is the voice, so very close to my ear, asking, "How long have you known I was watching you?" Blushing heavily and trying inexpertly to maintain dignity, i attempted to feign my way out of an answer. His friends had quickly joined forces and had infiltrated our troops. Cindy (the best friend) was being quite the flirt and withing seconds i understood she knew these men, friends of her brother's.

Calm released over me, as i rationalized that they had just met a younger sister of a friend. It was an invitation to play, to roam with an older set of men, to be sought after in an open arena. The eight of us hit ride after ride.

At one point, i realized that our group had split up. The younger sister, myself, and four others were still bantering, playing at the various booths, while Cindy had disappeared..... off to play a different sort of game.

Hours had passed and no return, restless younger sister was becoming very edgy, and my patience was wearing thin. Trying to maintain my calm, i asked if anyone knew where the disappearing Cindy had gone. The same man whispered in my ear that she and her boyfriend had disappeared back to his place, for a little fun of their own.

Angered that i had been left to fend for the little sister, and that she was my ride and had left with her car keys. i accepted the offer of a ride to 'find' her and retrieve the keys and rid myself of the little sister. Equally i was undeniably attracted to the whisperer and secretly loved the idea of him offering to help me in some small way.

We all piled into his friend's car and i was designated to the back of the car, with the whisperer braced against me. I could feel the heat of his body penetrating me. He smiled deeply at me, melting me.

His arm slid around me, tucking me into him as he whispered into my ear... "i bet you dint have a clue what those two are up to.".... "I bet you never did anything like that with your boyfriend, disappearing and leaving your friends behind"... ..

Licking my neck, sending shivers of electricity down my spine, he continued his whispers... "tell me what it is you do with YOUR boyfriend."

Attempts to look shocked were lost when i couldn't refrain from smiling. His smile back at me was momentarily endearing and extremely sexy as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a very large hunting knife.

Puzzled, I asked what the knife was for. He replied it wasn't for anything and set it aside. He leaned closer into me, kissing me softly. As i responded, he kissed me deeper. As i mimicked his motion, he kissed me long, deep, and hard.

Again he whispered to me, "I love the way you kiss, show me, please, how you kiss your little boyfriends"....

Playing a game with this older man, i began to kiss him.. him returning the effort... as i stroked my hand across his thigh.. he returned the caress... motion for motion, i was matched.

to be continued...

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1/19/2006 10:07 pm

Wow.... you perked up fast. I was just going to send you a recipe for colds and flu......

I'll send it anyhow.......

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