First AFF encounter  

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3/17/2006 11:55 am

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First AFF encounter

Maybe I'm crazy for creating a blog. . . I don't know; but here goes. So, on Wed. night I finally get an email back from an actual person (and not someone wanting me to view their webcam). I don't hide the fact that I'm married, and happily this unnamed user was not detered by that fact. The only problem was that she is quite a bit younger, a college student, no car, no place of her own, etc. etc. - in short, if we were going to get together it wasn't going to be easy. Add to all this the fact that this person is not-so-moderately interested in being in a sub/dom situation - and I've never done anything like what she was wanting. Surprisingly things worked out that I got to meet her on Thur. night. Less than 24 hrs after the first contact and she's in my car. Because of the lack of options (and time), all that occured happened in my vehicle. I wish I would have had time to plan a better encounter, but I didn't.

When she got in my car, she began to be my slut (remember I'm new to all of this sub/dom stuff, so any pointers for future reference would be appreciated). Without even exchanging greetings, I told her to take her shorts off, along with her panties. Her pussy was shaved like she told me it would be. I drove around her campus for a bit and told her to show me how she got herself off. This girl had an incredible body and it was all I could do not to fuck her right then and there.

I knew that I wasn't fulfilling her fantasy exactly, and I may never hear from her again - but goddamn what a good night (for me at least). I made her beg me before she came from masturbation, and then I made her lick the cum from her fingers. I made her my little slut and while we drove around town, she sucked my cock so well that I had to pull over when I came. I made her swallow, and she complied. We found a spot, not completely private, where I told her to fuck me. And let me just say I could fill a couple of pages with what I wish I had had time to do to this girl.

This was my first AdultFriendFinder encounter, although I had been with someone who is also a member but we met before AdultFriendFinder. Overall, a great experience.

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