Men in Uniform  

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6/4/2006 7:27 pm

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Men in Uniform

Mmmm sweaty groups of men all dressed the same ...most of us love a man in uniform, but which one to choose?
I spent a few hours with a fireman a week or so ago. He let me play with his hose... yea, a very nice "hose". Young (yummy), tall... awesome abs, long legs, did I mention young
This got me to thinking... What is it women prefer:

This weeks favorite, Firemen (& their hoses) make me HOT!!
a) Give me a man in a suit and tie?
b) Forget the uniform, give me nekkid anyday?
c) Courier Boy - show me your package?
d) Corrections officer, I'm in need of a cavity search?
e) Arrest me officer, I've been a bad girl...(oh, and use your handcuffs!)
f) I love a military uniform ... on the floor!
g) Mechanic, I need "my" oil changed?
h) A Lifeguard can rescue me anytime!

So, to you my "Fireman friend", thanks for a hot afternoon, and I look forward to helping you put out more fires!

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