A message.... for you!  

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8/22/2006 8:24 pm

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11/12/2006 5:14 pm

A message.... for you!

Hey there sexy.....just thinking about you! Well actually I'm doing more than just thinking.....I'm fantasizing.....my lips are moist for kissing and my tongue
wants something a little salty and little sweet......oh not just my lips and tongue my whole body is starting to quiver now, my nipples are telling me they want to be touched and
the muscles of my thighs are beginning to move on their own accord. My fingers hardly want to run across the keyboard anymore they're finding the zipper of my jeans very appealing, hold on while I type with one hand, I'll do my best.
Oh now that's much better,my finger tips of one hand have found my nice wet pussy and they're
enjoying making circles around the clit, with such a light pressure it's almost like tickling with the sensation running out over my thighs. Oh...I have to move. I can see you in my mind's eye sitting beside my legs,touching, feeling each other's heat. You've got one hand holding your nice big veiny cock and rubbing it back and
forth and up and down, your other hand is draped over my shoulder and you're moving your fingertips around in circles. I move my hand over to the inside of your thighs and you spread
them a little further apart so there's easy access to you. My fingertips run over the head of your cock lightly and down the shaft. Your balls are playing hide-n-seek beneath your pants so I finger them though the fabric rubbing
them with the palm of my hand, squeezing them between my fingers. I swivel my body toward you so that I can sit in your lap to unbutton your shirt. I can feel you pressing against
my legs, I pull your shirt back and tell you to lie down. I start to massage your chest with my fingers pressing the thumbs over your nipples and rubbing. You are so tight, you need a full body massage to relax. I reach my head up and
whisper in your ear, my tongue comes out and the tip touches your ear and down it goes over your neck and down onto your chest. I press my tongue over your nipples and flick them with the tip then put the nipple into my mouth to suckle a little and slowly move over to the other nipple to get a little sucking in there too. I (then) move my head down toward your legs licking
your stomach and farther down until I reach your pants. I know your cock is exposed so I gently undo your pants and pull them down exposing your balls and knees. I lick around the base of your cock and up to the head and lightly lick down
the shaft to your balls. I put one ball into my mouth and suck on you, your body moves up but I won't let go and I tell you if you move anymore I'm going to start sucking you hard and you're not going to like it much. You stop squirming
but your breathing increases and you want me to swallow your whole cock. You move your hand to my head and try to direct me to take you but I have ideas of my own.....

ElPasoBlonde 34M

8/23/2006 4:34 pm

Oh yeah, that's me baby. Waiting for part 2...

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