I need a fast fix  

Miss_Styrious 33F
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8/13/2005 12:29 am

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3/29/2006 10:49 pm

I need a fast fix

Im back! and i really dont have any interseting stuff to say. i just like to blather on about nothing.

Ive finally moved into my new appartment. its interesting. i have free cable and internet (unlike my last place...i dont know how i survived w/o TV for 2 yrs) so i cant really complain.

um. went to a Weezer/Pixies concert. was good.

uhh. got a new car. well. sorta. leasing for 4 yrs. '05 Corrolla. Dont get me started on Corrollas. lets just say that im not very fond of them.

hmmm what else. ive been HORNY AS HELL lately. masturbation is making it worse, as does the porn..the hum of the vibrator isnt all the much of a help either. i need something new and exciting.

ANY IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS? I need relief quick!

Signing Off:
-Elusive Reclusive Lil 'Ol Me

stitchlover 42F

8/18/2005 5:43 pm

Mmm, I have some interesting ideas Mis Stirious, take a look at my blog, when everything else fails that is at your finger tips try new things, I did, take a look, you will enjoy your sex life more and more. Let me know. Ciao.

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