4 Years for a Damned Piece of Paper...  

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4/2/2006 10:39 pm

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4 Years for a Damned Piece of Paper...

I've just finished my final exams in my final year of university and Im waiting for my convocation later on in the year...only if the stupid school will process my application to graduate and audit my grades for the go ahead. I really wish they would audit me asap..b/c then i'd know if i needed to take summer school to make up credits n such..but noooo...they have to be so lazy. Dagnammit!

But for now, what am i to do? should i jump right in and look for a career or should i take my time looking and just relax? i mean, when i finally find a career i may not have vacation time until i build up my credibility...and now i have all the time in the world to do what i please, but then again i dont want to mooch off my family any more than i have to. *sigh* im so conflicted!

Id like to travel somewhere..just dont know where yet. But then again, should i be saving for my future instead of going into debt?

and i definatey do not want to continue working at my part-time job. its really starting to grate my nerves. i cant stand customer service anymore.

here's my work day in a nutshell:
CLOCK IN, take orders, help seamstresses, take crap from customers, take more orders, take crap from co-workers (bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, whine, bitch etc), 15 min break (even though im supposed to get one 30 min break and two 15 min breaks), take more orders, take more crap, CLOCK OUT.

*gets all twichty just thinking about it*

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