Unspoken words  

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8/9/2005 10:07 am

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Unspoken words

There she was sitting at the bar. The mini skirt was short enough but
the slit in the side showed her beautiful thigh and sexy lace top
stockings. I sat across the bar from her and marveled at the awesome
beauty that radiated from her. She had the aura of a goddess and the
face of an angel. Her ample breast were straining to get out of there
captivity in the lace bra and her silk see thru blouse. We made eye
contact and it was like a bolt of lightning shot out of here eyes and
pierced my heart and soul. I knew that she was "the one" and that I
had been waiting for her all of my life. She smiled and then looked
down shyly and then slowly raised her eyes up to look me directly in
the eyes. Her hair looked like pure silk and her skin was smooth and

I approached her and she reached out and grabbed my hand.
She looked at me and had a wicked smile and a twinkle in her eye as we walked towards the back of the bar. We walked down a dark hallway and entered the office. She released my hand and locked the door behind us. Still not a word had be spoken between us and when I started to speak she placed a finger on my lips and said ssssshhhhhhh. Her lips replaced her finger on my lips and our mouths
opened and our tongues began to explore each other passionatly. The
passion grew and we held eachother tighter and kissed harder. Our
breathing was heavy and our moans were loud. I ran my hands thru her
hair and up and down her back. She started doing the same to me and
never stopped kissing. Out of the blue she broke out of the embrace, walked slowly over to the private bar she had in her office. Walking back with a bottle of JD (my fav) and the most wicked grin on her face as she unbuttoned the buttons from that silk shirt, revealing her beautiful skin. Pushing everything off the desk in a loud crash she hopped up on the desk, laid back and asked me if I was thirsty. It was all I could take to not take her right then and there. My cock was swollen and ready to feel that sweet pussy wrapped around it. "Hell yeah Im thirsty" what more could I say? She laid back, poured some JD right on her stomache and said drink up. Her legs spread open, she has the sexiest lace panties on, crotchless stockings, god fuck the drink I want to drink from below. I run my tongue over her stomache, lapping up the JD from her navel. Her hands run over my head and down my back. Bringing her legs around my body, pulling me tight against her body. I run my tongue down her stomach, just inches from her beautifully shaved pussy. My tongue going over her lips, circling softly as I dive into that sweet nectar. She is so ready to go, her moans are extacy to me. Her clit is swollen and she is so wet. My fingers glide into her as my tongue doesn't miss a beat.

Her hands push my head from between her legs. She sits up, with that lustful look in her eyes.
She grabs at my pants, has then undone and to the floor before I know whats going on. My cock is rock hard and ready to take her.

Her hands slide up to touch it. I almost blow my load right there.
Grabbing her off the desk and turning her around so that that sweet ass is in the air. Legs parted, ready to take what I have to give her.
Spreading her ass cheeks uhm do I dare? She brings her ass back so that my cock enters that tight ass. I reach around to finger her pussy as I slam my cock deep into her.
Soft moaning now becoming troubled gasps I know she is on the edge of exploding. Sound of fleshing slapping as I give her exactly what she wants.
I feel that pussy get wetter as she cums so nicely. Sending me over the top, that's it baby you want it you got it. I ram deep into her ass feeling my cum shoot deep into her, big load this time. God that's great! She continues to grind into me until she has taken every last drop.

Without saying a word, only smiles we get dressed. I never did learn her name, nor her mine, but her memory will live w

WildWon1982 34M

8/10/2005 9:51 pm

I'm slightly confused. Are you the one getting ass-banged, or are you imagining yourself as a guy doing the ass-banging?

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