Frank isn't the only one who sings it well  

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4/27/2006 9:52 am

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Frank isn't the only one who sings it well

Taken from a blog elsewhere of mine...

Using certain strokes I sharpen the straight edge, his eyes never leave the blade and I smile as I hear him swallow hard. He trusts me implicitly, yet reality bites and he knows that one miscalculation, one slip and his smile is etched in his throat.

I straddle his lap as I sing Frank Sinatra's 'Mac the Knife', I grip his hair in one hand and yank his head back exposing his throat fully to me. He's scared, he knows I'll hurt him eventually yet not to damage him and he waits. He's a man that loves his appearance, he has worked hard to maintain his physique and I've watched him primping that small goatee on his chin which has often irritated me, smiling and waiting for the right moment.

It just arrived.

I lick his neck and tell him I want to taste him, feeling the resulting nod of approval from the bulge I'm sitting on. His neck is safe for now... it's not that I want. He starts to look a little worried as I lift the blade to his chin. He doesn't dare move his head and I continue singing Mac The Knife knowing that inside he's screaming as I begin to remove the irritating goatee that's been lovingly tended for months.

He's bristling with anger, I can feel it in the way he's contracted all his muscles. His chin, to match his face, looks like a smacked baby's bottom and I take him like that. He's learned not to offer an objection.. it's my chin and I wanted it hairless.

Fancy gloves though wears Mac-heath dear So there's not a trace of red

Just yet...

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4/27/2006 10:30 am


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