Take a ride on the fantsy train-Part 1/Geometry Class  

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11/1/2005 11:12 am

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Take a ride on the fantsy train-Part 1/Geometry Class

I'm watching the band practice for a upcoming event. I have my eye on this drummer, he is cute, about 5'11, 195lbs. I'm dressed in a very cute and very short pink skirt with a silk pink button down top to match. He sees me eying him and shy's away, which makes me stare harder. Practice is over and everyone starts to leave except him, he has to put all the drums away. I wait outside the band room for him, he has no idea I'm still there. He comes out of the band room shocked to see me still there, he says "hello", I say "hello", we talk for awhile joking and laughing only for me to find out he is a virgin. I smile and say "I am too" (but I'm lying),I have a desire to fuck him and will say whatever I have to, I want to see how his dick will fit in my mouth. He takes me by the hand and asked if he could show me something, of course I said "yes". We go into the building right next door to the band room which happens to be the Home Economics building. The school is deserted, nobody insight, but the janitor. I'm getting excited about what he wants to show me, but also wondering what could be so exciting in the Home Economics building.
We get to the door that on Monday through Friday is my geometry class, I ask what do you want to show me. He smiles and starts kissing me, I stop him and say "no, not here, what if somebody shows up?" He said, "everybody went home, nobody will come in here except the janitor and he has other buildings to clean, we will be long gone before he comes to clean this building." He starts to kiss me again, I get wet instantly, so wet that I don't care if anybody shows up or not. He takes his fingers and sticks them down my panties to finger my pussy....I try to say "no, please don't", but only a whimper comes out as I spread my legs for him to get a better grip of my drenching wet pussy. I'm thinking to myself....this young man is talented to be a virgin, cause he is kissing me, fingering my pussy and unbuttoning my blouse all at the same time. He takes my arms and pulls them over my head still playing with my pussy, he starts nibbling on my nipples which throws me into a frenzy. I feel like I have to do something, show him my appreciation, so I say through gasps of air "baby, let me suck your dick!" Through sucking and slurping my nipples, he says,"no, I need to make you cum, first!" I feel like my brain is about to explode at this point. I start to beg...."please,please, I can't take anymore...please let me suck your dick!" He tells me, I love to hear you beg, which makes him put two of his fingers deep inside my pussy and I explode all over his hand. He looks at me and says,"that is only the beginning." I can barely stand up at this point, I beg and plead again,"baby, let me please you, please let me suck your dick, I'm getting on my knees begging you baby, please!! He let my arms go and I immediately went to work. After pulling out his dick,I smiled to see it was so big and a little scared that I didn't think I could take it all in my mouth. I started licking the top of the head slowly, down the shaft to his balls. I heard him start to moan and told him to lay down so he could be comfortable. He laid right in front of the door I would be entering for geometry class the next day. I lightly licked his balls until he moaned, "put it in your mouth." I responded, "your wish is my command." Raising up I started from the head of his dick sucking slowly but firm, sucking his dick made me so wet that I started playing with myself...I had to have this big dick inside me. As I sucked his dick, I removed my panties at the same time. He wanted to 69, as he was turning me around, I thought I heard a noise, he moaned,"baby, it's nothing, keep sucking!" Not wanting to miss out on another orgasm, I kept going, plus his dick felt so good in my mouth and I wanted to know what his cum taste like down my throat. As we began to 69 the janitor walks in, but we don't stop...it's too late we are caught up in the passion and about to climax.
The Janitor is young like us and says,"damn,don't mind me," and we don't. I said, "I have to have your big dick inside me", without missing a beat as if we were still in this building alone, he lays down his jacket, turns me over and slowly places his dick in my pussy, it felt so big and warm that I moaned with pleasure and as the janitor stared at me with a smile I asked him to bring his dick over to me. No hesitation on his part, I'm getting fucked well and sucking some more good dick at the same time. The janitor starts to twist my nipples making me wetter and more horny than before. The janitor ask if he can get some pussy,too. I said, "no, but you can have some ass!" I want to feel both of your big dicks inside of me at the same time. My drummer boy got up and laid on his back, but before I could sit on his dick, the janitor grabs me, lifts me up in the air against the wall lockers and says, "I have to taste you, first." The janitor takes his tongue and licks my pussy, sucks my clit, sticks his tongue deep into my pussy, he then clamps down on my clit with his tongue and lips until I scream "I cant' take any more", he says "yes, you can I'm gonna make you cum all over my face. My drummer boy leaps up from the floor to help hold me up, while the janitor licks and sucks my pussy with one finger in my ass....I came harder than I have ever came in my life. The janitor licks and sucks the cum out of me, lubricating my ass with my own cum, then places me on the dick of my drummer boy. As I'm riding him feeling like I'm about to faint from all the excitement, the janitor places his dick in my ass and it feels sooooo good, it's like synchronized swimming, no awkwardness, both men are on beat giving me the dick of my dreams. My drummer boy sucking on one nipple, the janitor twisting and pinching my other nipple, as I lay there being pleased by two well hung men. I can feel both dicks swelling to a climax and all of a sudden, we all say as if we are in the chorus line of "ALL THAT JAZZ!"......I'm cumming.....both of them thrust and pound inside of me so hard I could feel them in my stomach. The janitor says,"I'm cumming in your ass and I could feel the whole load, my drummer boy said,"I want to cum in your mouth, so the janitor lifts me up by the waist and directed my head to the drummer boys dick he exploded...I took every drop of cum he had to offer. As I swallowed every drop I could get my mouth on, my drummer boy pulls me to him, kisses me and said,"GEOMETRY CLASS WILL NEVER LOOK THE SAME AGAIN!" After savoring the taste of his cum, I smiled and said "Ain't that the truth...maybe we should try the gym next time....maybe nobody will be in there,either.....BUT THEN AGAIN MAYBE SOMEBODY WILL!!??"

firedude581 46M

11/2/2005 8:03 pm

Very HOT!

Drofpussology4u 59M  
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11/14/2005 1:41 am

This is a very sexy story. Your writing style is very good. My dick is harder than Chinese arithmatic after reading this. I want you to fee my penis deep inside of you and feel it pulsate. I want to suck your pussy until you cum in my face. I love to lick and nibble on nipples. You need to give me some pussy.

DeeepPenaTrayR "The Pussologist"[blog DeeepPenaTrayR]

Micchero 44M
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12/28/2005 11:38 am

Very hot story..

MissLady67 49F
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1/4/2006 2:45 am

Thank you, I'm trying to see if I have what it takes to be a writer for porno or anything else.

rm_subduedfreak 48F

2/22/2006 4:10 pm

You got talent, but I knew that. This is your girl from CHI-TOWN.

MissLady67 49F
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3/2/2006 7:22 pm

Ms.Lady....you were not suppose yo read this....lol!!!

MissLady67 49F
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12/29/2006 5:15 pm

look at you trying to write freaky stories....lol!!! You go girl....I'm proud of you that was a good one!!!! Wow!! I haven't been on this site in over almost a year.

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